Laurie Buntain Can Guide You Out of the Emotional Money Maze 

Psychotherapist Laurie Buntain, LMFT, is a former investment analyst. Today, as founder of Marin Financial Therapy, she helps clients understand what money means on a personal level. "Money does talk," she advises, "and the conversation begins deep inside of you." Read more 

First Step: Understanding Money, as Our Experiences Define It

Financial therapy is a new field of psychotherapy that looks at the value of money as translated by our emotions. What we learned as a child, the influences of peer groups, how we define our role in society: exploring external influences like these are at the root of financial therapy.  Read more 

Emotional Reactions to Money May Give Rise to Psychological Disorders

Laurie Buntain has spent the past decade delving into the deep-seated emotions that can give rise to "money disorders" and create complex personal behaviors. Hoarding. Binging. Penny-pinching. Obsessive shopping or gambling. These are just a sampling of the often debilitating traits that emotional money problems can cause, if left untreated. Laurie first looks at your money "habits," then explores what is at the root of the behavior.

Meet Laurie Buntain  

With 20 years of experience on Wall Street and a decade as a financial therapist, Laurie Buntain understands money's conflicting messages. Dispelling myths is step one.  Read More 

Explore Your $Money Matters$

Laurie Buntain's $Money Matters$ workshops are held throughout the year. They offer participants the opportunity to explore money anxieties in a supportive atmosphere. Read more 

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