About Marin Financial Therapy

Laurie Buntain helps clients discover their “truths” about the value of money

In my practice, I work with clients — both individuals and couples — to uncover the deep-seated family, societal and culturally influenced attitudes about money that can give rise to a slew of detrimental financial behaviors.

As long as these attitudes and beliefs remain hidden, they continue to influence our money-related actions and reactions.

Financial wellness is more  than being able to balance a checkbook or make sound investments.

Financial wellness is about making good financial judgments by first understanding what “money” means on a psychological, emotional level.

“The messages trapped in your head are not about you. They are a reflection of societal pressures and demands. I look at your money habits and together we discover what is at the root of the problem.” – Laurie Buntain

Debt, bankruptcy, emotional trauma, anxieties, ruined relationships: these are among the many consequences of ignoring the psychological impact of money.

Do you avoid thinking about money — or talking about it, even with a spouse? Do you believe that money will make you happy — or that money is the root of all evil?

Together, we will discover your “truths” about the value of money: where they came from and why. We’ll then reconcile those “untruths” with the reality that the only true value of money is the value you place on yourself.


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